About us

Hi, we are Snapmentor. We want to create a place where students can explore, discuss and enjoy learning at their own pace.


Our mission is to help educational institutions provide their students with an exceptional learning experience through discussion and collaboration.

The team

Co-founder & CEO

Jens Aarre Seip

Co-founder & CEO

I believe everyone has their own learning journey. At 17, I dropped out of high school, and it was a bumpy road finding back to the the passion for learning. Fast forward to 2019, I was in Singapore studying for my master’s degree, and doing a project on education in collaboration with McKinsey & Company. Insights from this project, and my own school background, sparked the idea of SnapMentor. .

Co-founder & CTO

Frikk Fossan

Co-founder & CTO

I learn something new everyday, and it would never happen if it wasn’t for the inner motivation i found while studying. A couple of years later, having experience from building software and products, i’m still in pursuit of learning things in a quick and ever lasting way.

Academic lead

Eirik Hernes Berre

Academic Lead

I have always enjoyed teaching immensely and revel in sharing learning. As a classroom teacher, there is nothing better than help create and develop understanding. I have worked as a classroom teacher in Oslo, as private tutor in Mozambique and as a learning assistant at NTNU, Norway. The very best thing about teaching is that you get to learn everything twice.

What drives us

We believe the best learning happens when the learning process is driven by an intrinsic motivation to learn, where asking questions and discussion with others are key elements.

By providing professors and students with the right tool, combining technology with the human touch, the motivation and excitement for learning is only a few minutes away.

Academic lead

Educational technology made in Norway

We are a remote distributed team proudly based in Norway. Being a part of Scandinavia’s thriving edtech culture, we bring the latest development of edtech inspired by Scandianvian pedagogy.

Made in Norway with love 🖤