About us

Hi, we are Snapmentor. We want to create a safe place for students of all ages to explore, learn and enjoy learning at their own pace.


Not everyone is comfortable raising a hand and asking a question in class. Our mission is to help schools and educational institutions provide their students with a safe place to ask questions and hold discussions in 1-on-1 sessions.

The team

Co-founder & CEO

Jens Aarre Seip

Co-founder & CEO

I believe everyone has their own learning journey. At 17, I dropped out of high school, and it was a bumpy road finding back to the the passion for learning. Fast forward to 2019, I was in Singapore studying for my master’s degree, and doing a project on education in collaboration with McKinsey & Company. Insights from this project, and my own school background, sparked the idea of SnapMentor. .

Co-founder & CTO

Frikk Fossan

Co-founder & CTO

I learn something new everyday, and it would never happen if it wasn’t for the inner motivation i found while studying. A couple of years later, having experience from building software and products, i’m still in pursuit of learning things in a quick and ever lasting way.

Academic lead

Eirik Hernes Berre

Academic Lead

I have always enjoyed teaching immensely and revel in sharing learning. As a classroom teacher and private tutor, there is nothing better than help create and develop understanding. I have worked as a classroom teacher in Oslo, as private tutor in Mozambique and as a learning assistant at NTNU, Norway. The very best thing about teaching is that you get to learn everything twice.

What drives us

We believe that wherever a student is on her learning journey, she should be supported for finding motivation and excitement for learning.

Behind every student`s learning journey sits either a warm hearted teacher, a friend, a parent or a tutor. By giving these warm people the right tools, combining the latest advanced technology with the human touch, the motivation and excitement for learning is only a few minutes away.

Academic lead

Educational technology made in Norway

We are a remote distributed team proudly based in Norway. Being a part of Scandinavia’s thriving edtech culture, we bring the latest development of edtech inspired by Scandianvian pedagogy.

Made in Norway with love 🖤