Case studies

BI Business School - a customer story

BI Business School - a customer story

BI Business school (BI) is the second largest business school in Europe, with almost 19 000 students. Read the case study of how BI was able to provide high quality digital tutoring one week after the Covid-19 outbreak with Snapmentor.

Other popular ways of using Snapmentor

Digital office hours with teaching assistants

Connect library services and student guidance services

Perform faculty development

Organise a digital drop-in system for your teaching assistants and be there when students need it. With snapmentor you can easily setup office hours to let students know when they can expect quick help. But as students study in many different ways, we have talked with lots of students telling us that it’s great to be able to submit a question during home work, rather than having to note it down and bring it to a scheduled call a day or two later.


We are combining research with lots of user interviews. The platform facilitates question-asking by reducing the social cost of asking for help from someone. Research highlights that removing the need of selecting who, and reducing cost of disclosing personal information are key contributors for reducing social cost of asking for help.

Practical tips

Appoint a coordinator to easily organise the group of teaching assistants. Convert discussions into articles to let students get inspired by other students’ questions.

What do you need to do

  • Setup office hours, we recommend aiming for simplicity and repetetiveness
  • Recruit a team of teaching assistants (We are happy to help you out with this)
  • Spread the word about the service (or simply link from your LMS)

The benefits of this approach

  • Reach the unmotivated students by reducing social cost
  • Increase engagement outside of lectures. Be there when the student is in deep focus
  • Create a safe social environment