Snapmentor vs Piazza

Choosing the right way to build an online learning community is foundational for student success and graduation. This page compares two of the top-rated learning community solutions — Snapmentor and Piazza— to help you choose the social learning platform that’s right for you.

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One of the most challenging tasks related to teaching is to facilitate discussion, questions and engagement from students in, and outside of class. Snapmentor and Piazza are both popular tools to organize this. This page will help you determine what’s best for you and your organization when evaluating what tool you want to use for facilitating discussion.

What does Snapmentor do?

Snapmentor is a cloud-based Social Learning Platform (SLP) enabling teachers, professors and educational institutions to create and manage learning communities for their students.

What does Piazza do?

Piazza is a cloud-based Q&A platform enabling professors to manage questions and answers from students in their class

An overview of Snapmentor

Snapmentor is an all-in-one social learning platform where teachers can set up a community for their class, where students can ask questions, engage, be curious and help each other. Snapmentor helps teachers manage a safe learning community in an easy way, engaging students, saving teachers´ time, and improving learning. Snapmentor combines gamification elements and ease-of-use, resulting in powerful learning communities that teachers and students love using.

An overview of Piazza

Piazza is a Q&A platform that lets students post questions, and where peer students or professors help students in a wiki-style way. Piazza saves time and helps students learn using the power of community.


Your digital learning community is the foundation of your digital education. It should keep students engaged, increase learning, save teachers time, and be a safe place for every learner. See how Snapmentor and Piazza compare across some of the most critical learning community capabilities.

Student engagement & learning

Snapmentor is dedicated to increasing student engagement, and has an average of 6x more student participation compared to the forum-solutions in learning management systems such as Canvas, Blackboard and Moodle.

Do you want to build a culture for positive feedback? Snapmentorprovides students and professors positive feedback through gamification elements. Learning and teaching, can and should be fun!

Students, TA’s and professors report better learning and higher satisfaction with courses using Snapmentor.

Piazza has taken a strong position as an alternative to the forum-solutions in the learning management systems, and has satisfied students, TA’s and professors. They report higher participation than the LMS’s.

Both Snapmentor and Piazza use anonymous posting as an option, and both are excellent alternatives to create an engaged learning community

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