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Snapmentor offers a platform for on-demand study and homework help, where students ask questions and instantly connect with your tutors, teachers and teaching assistants

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Online tutoring for your students

Assignments, homework and exam preparation is an important part of a student's life. Use Snapmentor to provide a safe place to engage, be curious, and ask questions when actively studying.

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The platform is designed for schools, universities and tutoring businesses where you can deploy your own teaching assistants or tutors and easily manage them in a cost effective way

For Schools and Universities

Students get help from your teaching assistants and peer tutors from mobile, PC or Mac

Teaching assistants and peer tutors get a user-friendly platform for efficient handling of inquiries

Enhance and improve your classes with high quality insights from your students inquiries

For Tutoring Businesses

Personalise the platform with your logo and business name to grow your brand

Students get high quality help from your tutors quickly and easily from mobile, PC or Mac

Create new revenue sources through Snapmentor's built-in payment solution, Stripe

Improve education through analytics

Simple but powerful reports showing students use and feedback

Empower your professors and teachers with insights into what your students struggle with

Effectively manage and plan your tutoring team's working hours

Enhance and empower your tutors with insights increasing the overall quality


BI Norwegian Business School

BI is using SnapMentor to provide easily accessible study help from teaching assistants

Pedagogisk vikarsentral

PVS - tutoring service

PVS is using SnapMentor to provide an online tutoring service B2C

Kolon nettstudier

KOLON - high school

Kolon is using SnapMentor to provide their students with online homework help


NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology

NTNU is using Snapmentor to provide science and technology students the best learning experience


USN - University of South-Eastern Norway

USN provides first-year students a smooth experience with the most demanding subjects through Snapmentor

City of Bergen

City of Bergen

The City of Bergen is using Snapmentor for adult education at Nygård School

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