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Drive student engagement and provide an exceptional learning experience through, Snapmentor, the discussion-based learning tool for higher education.

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A student-centric learning approach

Today's students expect an interactive learning experience beyond what the traditional Learning Management Systems offer. Use Snapmentor to provide a safe place to engage, be curious, and ask questions when actively studying.


Quick set-up

GDPR compliant

Snapmentor is designed to facilitate online discussion, where the barrier to participate is low, and where the knowledge is easily shared.

For professors

You can implement Snapmentor in a single course on your own, or in collaboration with other professors/lecturers in your organization.

Students initiate discussions where peer tutors, teaching assistants or you can participate.

Enhance and improve your classes with high quality insights from your students' discussions

For university administrators

Implement Snapmentor for a single professor, or for your entire organization.

Break down the silos and drive innovation in your organization by providing cross-curricular and cross-faculty discussion and knowledge sharing.

Provide Professors unique insights about their students, and take a leap towards becoming a data driven organization

Technology supporting your teaching

Simple but powerful reports showing students' engagement

Insights about what your students struggle with

Link to Snapmentor from your LMS/Teams/Slack for easy on-boarding

Build a knowledge base of FAQs to focus your time on teaching


BI Norwegian Business School

BI is using SnapMentor to provide easily accessible study help from teaching assistants


NHH Norwegian School of Economics

NHH is using Snapmentor to maximize their students' learning outcome

Kolon nettstudier

KOLON - high school

Kolon is using SnapMentor to provide their students with online homework help


NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology

NTNU is using Snapmentor to provide science and technology students the best learning experience


USN - University of South-Eastern Norway

USN provides first-year students a smooth experience with the most demanding subjects through Snapmentor

City of Bergen

City of Bergen

The City of Bergen is using Snapmentor for adult education at Nygård School

Spark your students' curiosity

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